VR Camp – An event for building community around WebVR in India

My journey to Virtual Reality started when I first jumped into WebVR for the Explorer program of my company Arcesium. As part of this program explored WebVR for building VR content on the web and developed a sample VR experience and a VR tour of my office  using A-Frame (read here my experience to get started with A-Frame). I joined the A-Frame community and started contributing to the project. I was also mentioned on A-Frame’s blog various time like on this A Week of A-Frame blogpost. I also got a chance to introduce WebVR to Mozilla India community in a community event.

With this I also jumped into building VR community in India, and our next goal was to conduct various event in India to broaden the community. As part of this goal, we conducted first event, VR Camp Hyderabad, under MozActivate campaign of Mozilla.


Here is the summary of the event :

  • 50 [curated] participants attended the event along with 10 volunteers.
  • This was an 14 hour long overnight, fun-filled event 😀
  • Most of the sessions from the event were live streamed.
  • 3 talks by guest speakers over video conferencing (videos & slides links) –
    • ‘6 Things I Learned in One Year of A-Frame’ – By Yoni Binstock (UI developer & VR content creator)
    • ‘VR development techniques and best practices’ – By Patrick Catanzariti (DevDiner.com founder)
    • ‘Key features & upcoming attractions in A-Frame’ – By Kevin Ngo (VR Developer at Mozilla)
  • Participants teams created VR scenes using the event’s learning, find their links on the event discourse.
  • Amazing social reach on twitter with #WebVRCamp & #WebVRIndia. 160+ tweets, reach to 20K+ and 70K+ impressions and still counting.
  • Photos on flickr & Mozillagram.
  • Few tweet mentions –

Have you joined the community yet? Here are the links to our Telegram and Slack channels. See you there and #HappyContributing 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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