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Ram Dayal Vaishnav, Senior Web Developer at Arcesium India, is very passionate about Open Source technologies and has been contributing to Mozilla’s projects since 2012. He is also a Mozilla Tech Speaker & a Mozilla Representative. Interested in future technologies, Ram has been involved with Mozilla’s WebVR framework A-Frame since its birth. Apart from code contributions, he has also given talks on A-Frame, WebExtensions & future technologies at various international events including SHA Netherlands, FOSSASIA Singapore, MozFest London, JSFoo India and Mozilla TS Meetup Paris.

Ram has filed four patents at Intellectual Property office of India in Chennai office & Delhi office for various technological inventions. You can read about one of his patents on touch screen technology named Sparsham at this post on his blog.

Apart from coding, Ram is crazy about mountaineering, cycling & traveling. Ram also loves to play musical instruments, solving puzzles like rubiks cubes, sudoku etc. You can get more info about Ram on his reps profile bio.

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You can connect with Ram at vaishnav.rd[at]gmail.com, or as @ram_gurumukhi on Twitter and as @gurumukhi on LinkedIn.