About Myself

Ram Dayal Vaishnav, Senior Web Developer at Arcesium India, is very passionate about Open Source and has been to Mozilla’s projects for more than 5 years now. He is also a Mozilla Tech Speaker, & Mozilla Representative. Interested in future technologies, Ram has been involved with Mozilla’s WebVR framework A-Frame since its birth in late 2015. Apart from code contribution, he has also given talks on A-Frame & future technologies at various international events including SHA Netherlands, FOSSASIA Singapore, MozFest London and JSFoo India.

Ram is also a co-founder of WebVR India group, a developer community in India working on VR development & evangelism. DevDiner.com, a website related to emerging technologies, named Ram as one of their VR inspirations of 2016 for his inspirational work in the fields of VR & IoT.

Apart from coding, Ram is crazy about mountaineering, cycling & traveling. Ram also loves to play musical instruments, solving puzzles like rubiks cubes, sudoku etc.

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