How I started contributing to Mozilla

Myself as Mozillian

Summary of my journey with Mozilla from March till December 2013

Since 9th standard I am using internet, and the day I started using internet is same the day I started using Mozilla products (starting with Firefox, our most favourite browser). I am feeling glad to volunteer as Mozillian, and now this has been around 9 months that I have been doing this work. I would like to share my experience with you, what all I did, and I got volunteering with Mozilla.

In March, we had one Mozilla event in our campus in which Mozilla Rep Sujith Reddy told us about Open Source, Open Web and Mozilla. He also told us many ways to support Mozilla like AoA, Support Forum, App Development etc. This is where I got a push to volunteer Mozilla. He also told us how Mozilla recognizes volunteers’ contribution.

March : Ground work, Planned for Club

I started exploring more about stuffs I learned in the workshop. I talked to my classmates and we decided to initiate a community so that other also gets chance to know about Open Source. With the mission of providing a good encouraging environment for others we planned to initiate a club. We had a couple of meeting and finalized name ‘Open Source Open Community’, we also agreed upon names of Janet Ma’am as our staff advisor, my name as club lead.

Mozilla Event, NITT

First Mozilla Event attended by me at NITT

April: Initiated OSOC, Started contributing to SuMo

April 01, 2013 was the day OSOC finally started activities. We had first General Body Meeting, and planned for kick off events. We decided for two workshops in April & May. We were in touch with Mozilla reps Sujith Reddy & Jai Pradeesh. With their help we organised our first event on April 19, 2013. It was an Open Source & Mozilla introduction session for MCA students of our college.

Other than this, I personally started contributing Mozilla with SuMo – AoA, QA etc. I also filed my first bug. We also celebrated 15th anniversary of Mozilla this month.

May : Joined FSA, Organised Events

FSA Program was launched by Mozilla this month. I, along with my friends, joined FSA program. I was very excited about this program since April itself when I got to know about it from Mozilla’s Facebook page. I told one of my friends, Osho Parth, at Jaipur about OSOC, FSA etc. and he also shown lot of interest in it. He is one of active Mozilla contributors. We organised another event from OSOC in our campus. This time we were delighted by presence of ReMo Sujith Reddy and Mozillian Sairam Sundar. Links of event is myPictureEditItNow copy 1

We also planned one more event for Jaipur, MozhackJaipur. Osho has also started a club in Jaipur named Jaipur Open Source Open Community, and Mozhack was inauguration event for JOSOC. It was also a huge success. For the first time I was on such a big stage in a big hall as lead speaker. Link of this event is

I reached on the top of AoA’s “Top contributors this week” list. From May till now, most of the time I held position in this list.

June : I became a mozillian now.

My profile on was vouched by Sujith Reddy. I also applied for GSoC (Google Summer of Code) and tried to get a project at Mozilla, but unfortunately didn’t get it. This was time I learned about Firefox OS, and started writing apps for Firefox marketplace. I also got to know more about IRC, Mailing lists etc. Tried starting with Firefox hacking. I kept writing posts on my blog about Mozilla related stuffs.

July : First app got accepted for Firefox marketplace, Started following Mailing lists

I submitted my first app in May itself, but it was rejected. Then in vacations I learned more and removed all errors. Finally this month my first app was submitted. I helped other friends also, and another app by my friend Prity Bhudolia was also accepted in this month itself. I also started following mailing lists. Click here for list of my apps.


Aug-Sept : Busy with placement preparation, still continued my contributions  – helped many fellow FSAs.

It was most important time of my college life, and for two month I was continuously studying for placements. Finally I got a very good job offer. During this period also I tried to continue contribution. I stated with Answering Questions on SuMo forum, and of course I was continuing AoA. In this period I was also helping my club members and other friends with their contribution to Mozilla. I helped few of my friends in publishing their apps to marketplace. And pulled many of my friends to FSA program. I was actively helping people in OSOC and JOSOC groups.

Oct : Organized series of 3 workshops

Our club organized three workshops in our campus on topics Open Source, Web Development & App development respectively. These were the biggest workshops we ever organized. Report of the workshop can be found on OSOC blog at  We also had a meeting with ReMo Sujith Reddy when he visited our campus on 24th. I joined few more mailing lists, and following them actively. I got AoA badge in this month. I also kept posting about Mozilla and its products on my blog.

IMG_0719  IMG_0710

Nov : App of The Month winner, added to about:credits

For FSA I developed couple of apps for Firefox Marketplace. One of them also became the winner of ‘App of the month contest’. I also filed one new bug. This month itself I was awarded with the AoA badge. We also spend time on planning for winter vacations events at Jaipur. Our planning’s etherpad link is

Dec : Jaipur Events(One Month, One Mozilla, One City and Me), Bugzilla

I came to my hometown, and as we planned few events in November itself, we executed them well, you can read about all of them in my blog post The events were organized by myself and Osho Parth, and were guided by ReMo Dron Rathore. Along with organizing two grand workshops we also initiated MCR community (which I take as one giant footstep for building Mozilla community in Rajasthan).MozJaipur

subodh college mozilla event

subodh college mozilla event

subodh event 1 technobyte 1

I had started my try to hack Firefox in June, but now I could finally see some results. This month I was able to submit 2 patches out.  I also submitted 4 apps this month. Got many new contributors. Now few more events are yet to be organized. One in JNV school & another in Rajdhani College.

Useful Links :

I would like to give lots of thanks to Mozilla Reps, RMAs, FSA and friends who helped me and encouraged me. Thanks Sujith Reddy, Dron Rathore, Sankha Narayan Guria, Jai Pradeesh, Ashish Namdev, Swarnava Sengupta,  Vikas Reddy Burri, and others also whose name I could not add here.

Again thank you all.

– Ram
Jaipur, India
December 23, 2013

Note : This content was there on my blog as page Myself as Mozillian which I wrote long back, I published this content as blog post now. You can find out latest updates about myself as Mozilla Rep on mozilla-reps blog posts or on Reps portal.

Marketplace Day Hyderabad – Event Report

I am feeling proud to write about the first event regional marketplace community building event ‘Marketplace Day’ organized by us in Hyderabad. Unlike its name, it was actually an over night event ;) and 25 enthusiastic participants and volunteers (who were curated based on their application form) woke up whole night to work on marketplace bugs. You can read full report about the event flow and report at my post on Mozilla India blog. Here I would like to put the summary and special mentions about the event.

As a summary, the event was all about –

  • 25 Hackers with open eyes whole night
  • 15 Night Hours of Fun
  • 15 Bugs targeted
  • 11 Pull Requests
  • 5 New Bugs filed

Undoubtedly everyone did an amazing job to make this event a super success, I would like to mention few participants here for their special contributions to the event –

  • Ravi Teja took a quick session to introduce Git during the event, fixed bugs and provided lot of help to fellow participants.
  • Sukhwinder Singh Sehgal helped fellow participants in setting up the fireplace.
  • Saahiljeet Singh not only worked on fixing bugs, but also submitted 5 new bugs.
  • Manoj Kumar, Jaipal Singh Goud, Bharath submitted most number of Pull Requests.

Friend of Mozilla :

Thanks a lot Amy for giving updates about this event at last week’s project meeting and getting me the shout-outs. I loved to see my name mentioned as the newest Friend of Mozilla on the meeting notes at

Few more event related links

Bugzilla @ MozDeccan

MozDeccan, The Mozilla Hyderabad community meetup 2015, happened on April 19th and 20th. This event was to make community members aware on the participation channels, understand interest of new members, plan on project specific action items and assign roles & responsibilities. We also came up with idea of forming different group having a mentor for each of them to guide the volunteers of the groups. Here are the updates about the Bugzilla group :)This group is for the volunteers who want to get into code contribution to any of Mozilla’s project. Please note that this group is not just about the bugzilla product, its about fixing bugs for different products of Mozilla using bugzilla.

As part of the brainstorming we first introduced audience to the bugzilla, briefed them about how it works (bug tracking flow) and how one can contribute to code-base. We discussed about the action items and milestones for 2015.

Where are we today ?
– Not much known active contributors
– Deepak – active contributor in code-base
– Ram – active contributor in Marketplace code-base (in Gaia, & Firefox as well)

Discussion :
– We realized the need to spread awareness about –
    – what is bugzilla 
    – how one can contribute to code-base of mozillla products
    – one need not to be an expert to contribute to codebase, 
    – we have good-first-bugs for newbies 
        [ Good first bugs are the basic bugs, which helps you start in fixing bugs. ]
* We should make sure to introduce bugzilla to audience in all events and refer them to the team if they are interested in this.

Action items :
– Monthly sprints based on the interested of audience
– Create good reference documents for different projects
– We will have badges for recognition
– Good central documenting of everyone’s contribution

Milestones :
By the end of year we must have –
– No of products in which we are contributing – 5+
– Mentor per product – 1+
– Bugs fixed per event – 5+
– Total contributors – 50+
– Total bug fixes – 500+

Mentor :

Contributors :
Pranay, Akhil, Yateesh, Deepak
Sai kiran, Suri, Nitin
Aish, Dikshit, Giridhar
Akhil, Nagendra, Mamta.

Learn how to get started with the code base contribution to the open source

Ever wondered how volunteers contribute to code base of open source ? Do you want to be one. Here is the opportunity – Marketplace Day (Hyderabad), an event completely dedicated to Mozilla’s Firefox Marketplace Code Contribution. If you are in and around Hyderabad India, please join us for the event.

We will learn

We will learn things necessary for getting started with code-base contribution

Registration are open now !

Other useful links :

Join The Awesome Firefox Marketplace Community – Join The Marketplace Day

Firefox Marketplace is the only app store dedicated to providing content built with HTML5 standards and open source values. Help bring openness, freedom, and user choice to the world of app publishing – Join The Awesome Firefox Marketplace Community – Join The Marketplace Day :)

Hi Everyone, I am very excited to announce this event which is going to be completely dedicated to Firefox Marketplace. This is going to be an open event, and we are expecting to on board many newbies to Marketplace contributions. Find more info below –

What :
The Marketplace Day

When :
The 16th & 17th of May

Where :
@ Collab house, Hyderabad

For Whom :
Anyone who is interested to join The Awesome Firefox Marketplace Community.

How will it happen :
Marketplace Day – Learning all ways to contribute to Marketplace
Marketplace Night – { yes, the night will also be live.. } – Overnight Marketplace sprint

Learn about the Marketplace community :

  •     Friend of Marketplace – Our monthly recognition program.
  •     Guided projects – Want some more fun ?
  •     App Reviewers
  •     App Curation Board

Doing good is part of our code :
And Doing code is part of our Marketplace Day. We will have hands-on session and sprint on –

  •     Overview on Marketplace code base
  •     Setting up Docker and bringing up (you own marketplace instance)
  •     Hacking marketplace, Hunting bugs
  •     Your good first bug

Want some overview ? Please visit :

Interested ?
Please join us –