Sideloading Oculus Go with Firefox Reality

Update: As you can see from tweet above, the Firefox Reality app is directly available on Oculus AppStore now and you do not need the sideloading anymore, however if you still want to play around with latest version of Reality, here are basic steps. Few of the steps mentioned below are described in detail at Firefox Reality’s Sideload github wiki.


  1. ADB setup on laptop
  2. Oculus app on mobile
  3. Account setup on
  4. Firefox Reality APK – it can be downloaded using instructions given below –
    • Go to, click on  ‘Build results’ at the bottom of
    • Click on ‘Firefox Reality for Android – Build – Master update’
    • Click on ‘Run Artifacts’ tabs
    • Click on ‘public/FirefoxReality-oculusvr-release-signed-aligned.apk’ to download APK

Steps for sideloading:

  1. Start Oculus Go
  2. Connect Oculus App on mobile with Oculus Go
  3. Turn on Developer Mode from Oculus App
  4. Connect Oculus Go with laptop via USB cable & make sure its appearing in list of devices shows for ‘adb devices’
  5. ‘adb install /path/to/your.apk’
  6. Look into ‘Oculus Go’, go to Libary -> Unkown Sources -> Click on firefox-reality & boom! You are done!:-D


  1. Your Oculus Go is connected to someone else’s account? – If you want to connect it with your account now, then you will have to factory reset this device by following these steps –
    1. Turn off the Oculus go by pressing the power key (look in the display where it shows you the confirmation for shutting it down)
    2. Turn on by pressing Power button & Volume – button together & follow steps to factory reset.
  2. The Oculus Go is not able to recognise the controller? – You can go to Settings tab of Oculus app on mobile & find currently linked controller with your connected Oculus Go’s information. Just Unpair it and use ‘+ Pair New Controller’ option.

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