Kalavantin Durg Trek

Monsoon is what trekkers always wait for & last weekend we chose Kalavantin Durg trek to explore. The Durg is located near Mumbai on western ghats at elevation of 2700 ft. This trek is also known as one of most dangerous treks because the for summitting the peak mostly we have to follow steps which are treacherous. This was quite dangerous to choose peak monsoon time for this trek because its very slippery over there at this time & its raining most of the time. But we found these points which made us more interested in this trek at this time, and this was really super adventurous. Here are few aerial view pictures of the durg taken from internet.

We started our journey by train from Hyderabad to Karjat, then took bus for Shedung & then took auto to reach Kalavantin base. Then 2-3 hours hiking to the base village. We did lunch near beautiful water stream, round of introduction& lot of fun on the way to village.

Reached base village by evening and had dinner there. We again had a lot of fun (including an interesting ghost story telling session) before sleeping. Then we woke up at 5 & started trek to Kalavantin Pinnacle at 6. It took us around 1 hour to reach the top. It was very pleasant there (unfortunately because of lots of clouds we were not able to see other forts from this peak)

Descending the hill was very tricky and challenging. We reached base village by 9, had breakfast & reached to base (main road) by 11 and caught our train back to Hyderabad at 3. This was a lot of fun & we got many new friends from the trek (thanks HTC for organizing this trek).



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