Marketplace Day Events & Outcomes

I am very happy to share updates from Hyderabad 2.0 & Jaipur versions of Marketplace Day & the impact of these events till now.

Marketplace Day Hyderabad 2.0

This was nice to see the collab house again full of energy the night after the first version of this series. In discussion with the marketplace team before the event we figured out that this time we had less number of ready-to-pick good first bugs, so we didn’t invite much attendees. The room with 15 odd code passionate coders witnessed the coding, food & fun whole night. We worked on 9 bugs that night and our contributors filed/fixed more than 15 bugs during the event and in the rest of the month. Here are links of photo album and event etherpad.

Marketplace Day Jaipur

This was the best of all three MPDay events we have organized till date.  Here is the summary of this event-

  • Our of total 35 attendees, 35 successfully set up Fireplace before event itself
  • 10 Attendees successfully set up Docker
  • Bugs filed/patched during the event : 14
  • Bugs Assigned in total : 18
  • More links – Read Full BlogpostPhotosInfoPad
  • Find all Marketplace Day events photos here.

Outcomes & Whats next

These is the pilot run of series of Marketplace Day events, where we are exploring how to conduct such events successfully & make best out of such events. Here are few outcomes of these events –

We will soon updates you more on our process of event format. Reps, be ready to jump into Marketplace Events. Doing good is part of our code 🙂


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