Bugzilla @ MozDeccan

MozDeccan, The Mozilla Hyderabad community meetup 2015, happened on April 19th and 20th. This event was to make community members aware on the participation channels, understand interest of new members, plan on project specific action items and assign roles & responsibilities. We also came up with idea of forming different group having a mentor for each of them to guide the volunteers of the groups. Here are the updates about the Bugzilla group 🙂This group is for the volunteers who want to get into code contribution to any of Mozilla’s project. Please note that this group is not just about the bugzilla product, its about fixing bugs for different products of Mozilla using bugzilla.

As part of the brainstorming we first introduced audience to the bugzilla, briefed them about how it works (bug tracking flow) and how one can contribute to code-base. We discussed about the action items and milestones for 2015.

Where are we today ?
– Not much known active contributors
– Deepak – active contributor in Webmaker.org code-base
– Ram – active contributor in Marketplace code-base (in Gaia, & Firefox as well)

Discussion :
– We realized the need to spread awareness about –
    – what is bugzilla 
    – how one can contribute to code-base of mozillla products
    – one need not to be an expert to contribute to codebase, 
    – we have good-first-bugs for newbies 
        [ Good first bugs are the basic bugs, which helps you start in fixing bugs. ]
* We should make sure to introduce bugzilla to audience in all events and refer them to the team if they are interested in this.

Action items :
– Monthly sprints based on the interested of audience
– Create good reference documents for different projects
– We will have badges for recognition
– Good central documenting of everyone’s contribution

Milestones :
By the end of year we must have –
– No of products in which we are contributing – 5+
– Mentor per product – 1+
– Bugs fixed per event – 5+
– Total contributors – 50+
– Total bug fixes – 500+

Mentor :

Contributors :
Pranay, Akhil, Yateesh, Deepak
Sai kiran, Suri, Nitin
Aish, Dikshit, Giridhar
Akhil, Nagendra, Mamta.

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