Updates from MCR – Mozilla Community Rajasthan

This has been a very long I update my blog, and for come back I thought this would be best to write a post on updates from MCR – Mozilla Community Rajasthan. The last time I wrote a blogpost was before MiniCamp Jaipur, so here are some quick updates about few big shots we took after that time –

We successfully conducted the MCR MiniCamp. All active Mozillians from the region got together on the day and the full day it was all fun, learning, sharing, enjoying and brainstorming. Here is the awesome Media coverage on the next day after the event – http://dailynewsnetwork.epapr.in/c/3334361, http://dailynewsnetwork.epapr.in/c/3334322 and here are some of blog posts – http://bit.ly/minicamp_event_report, https://justmozilla.wordpress.com/2014/08/19/mozilla-community-rajasthan-minicamp-jaipur14/ (many other people wrote blog posts about the event, I am just adding a few here).

Our next milestone was MCR Wingdings – Winding 1 glorious year of Mozilla Community Rajasthan. We had this event in January, and this was another fantastic hit show ;). This was all about Celebration, Growth, Contribution, & Planning. We shared our success stories, and again did a lot of brainstorming. As the last time (MiniCamp), this time also we got lot of participants from Rajasthan and from other states as well. Here are again few blog posts links out of many – http://trishulgoel.com/mcr-wingdings/, https://cbaba20.wordpress.com/2015/02/06/mcr-wingdings-we-are-one-mozilla/.

Recently we had our first ever booth based event – Market Party Jaipur, which was conducted as part of Jigyasa, the annual technical festival of Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur . This event was one of the greatest Show (and Tell) — a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness and a celebration of the Maker movement. Tushar Arora wrote superb blogpost about the event – https://sparkstreet.wordpress.com/2015/03/19/maker-party-jaipur-2015/.

Here are few more initiatives & events conducted by MCR –

I am really proud of being at the root of such awesome community.


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