Open Source workshop at JNV-K

Yesterday I visited my school (Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Kuchaman City, Nagour) for Mozilla’s Open Source workshop. It was an wonderful experience to teach my younger brothers & sisters. Out of all events I conducted till now, this was most pleasant workshop :).

We all gathered in computer lab at 02:30PM and talked for some time informally about their board exam preparation. Then from 0300 to 04:30 we talked about Open Source, Mozilla, Mozilla products, contributing to Mozilla etc. Students were very excited to know about open source, because this was the first time they were exposed to such things. They came to know about many open source software. They were also given few exercises to do related to open source.

We also talked about Webmaker tools – Popcorn, Thimble & X-ray goggles. When they saw remix of a webpage with x-ray goggles, they were very surprised. They also liked Mozilla’s goodies provided to them. Thanks JNV-K for such a wonderful opportunity.

JNV-K Schoolgirl participants boyswith allAfter workshop, with computer teacher & volunteers


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