One Month, One Mozilla, One City & Me

One Month, One Mozilla, One City & Me

Hi everyone. I am talking about December’s Mozilla Activities in Jaipur by myself.

I was planning to come home last month, and I was thinking what will I do in this 1 month vacations? Then I though why don’t we plan few Mozilla events for Jaipur! I got in touch with Osho Parth, Dron Rathore, Raj Suthar etc. We planned couple of events to be executed in December, Link to our planning’s etherpad is

Events which we planned –MozJaipur

  1. Beginners workshop at TechnoByte Computer Education.
  2. Developers workshop at Subodh College
  3. Mozilla event for School students (will be held in the last week)
  4. Community Building Meet up
  5. MCR Online Meeting  (will be held in the last week)

Here I would like to share my experience with these events.

Beginners Workshop:

First of all we had couple of online meeting with our team and decided upon events, summary can be found on etherpad. Then I had a short meeting with Dron to collect swags etc. Unfortunately he could not be with us because of his exams. And I met Osho Parth, Vikas Meghwani day before first event and planned for event.

We met up at TechnoByte Computer Education for beginners workshop. We had Mr. Prasoon Srivastava and Dhiraj Sir as volunteers. We had around 50 people as audience, and workshop was 2 hours long. Following topics were covered in the event by myself and Osho Parth-

  • What is webtechnobyte 1
  • What is Open Source
  • Mozilla, its mission, its products
  • Firefox OS, and Apps for Firefox OS
  • Small Web Development Session

Soon we will have another event at same venue, and we will have next workshop. Then we will surely have some active contributors from the event. Click here for more photos.

Subodh College Workshop:

This workshop was at Subodh College, where we had MCA and M.Sc. students waiting for us. We had around 60 students for the workshop.  We had many volunteers there too including Vikas Meghwani, Bheemraj Saini, Vikas and Yogendra. We took three sessions –

First session was taken by Osho Parth to introduce Open Source. Students were actually very keen about hacking, so he shown them many practices of few hacking tools of Kali Linux. Following that he told student lot more things about Open Source. When students saw source code of Firefox(on github) and LibreOffice (on opengrok), they became very surprised.

Next session was taken by myself on various Mozilla products including Firefox, Thunderbird, Etherpad, Webmaker tools etc. I also told them about Persona, Bugzilla etc. As planned we proceeded for ‘Hour of Code’ session, but we could not finish it successfully, because of weak internet connectivity. Then I told students about SuMo, AoA, submitting bugs etc.

Next session was on Firefox OS and FSA. First I told them more about Mozilla mission and why Mozilla started b2g? Then we told them pros of Firefox OS. Students were very happy to know how easily they can develop apps for Firefox OS. They found this session most interesting because they found Firefox OS very fascinating. Then I asked them, are you also interested in contributing to Mozilla? Of course they replies as Yes. Then I introduced them Firefox Student Ambassador Program.

Overall this was a very good experience for us. We got nice response from students also. Lots of swags were also distributed to active listeners. After the workshop, we spend around half an hour to talk to students informally. We got few students who are interested to join JOSOC (Jaipur Open Source Open Community), I am expecting few active contributors from Subodh College soon. Click here for more photos.

subodh event 1

subodh college mozilla event

subodh college mozilla event

Birth of Mozilla Community Rajasthan

Once Dron Rathore started a group chat for Community Building in Rajasthan, where I met few other contributors. Then I thought why don’t we start a new community for all Rajasthani Mozillians. I proposed MCR- Mozilla Community Rajasthan. We created the group and asked all to add other related people also. Till now we have get 17 people in MCR. We are planning to conduct few workshops in January.  Details of our members can be found here.


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