Sparsham स्पर्शम् : Convert any normal computer screen into touch screen most economically

Sparsham [ स्पर्शम् ] 

Sparsham Logo

I am thrilled to give an overview of one of my projects and my first patent, Sparsham technology – smartest way to convert any computer screen (or any flat surface) into fully functioning touch screen.

We already have many touch screen technologies like Resistive Technology, Capacitive Technology, IR Grid etc, but all of these have many problems like

• Not flexible at all.
• Costly.
• Not for big screens [due to increased cost & complexity].
• Not portable.
• Not fully functional.

We present better solution, that is, Sparsham which is Most economical way to convert any normal screen / flat surface into fully functional touch screen computer system. The basic idea behind this technology is to use a camera (just one) along with few other basic electronic components and use image processing to detect various touch related events.

It has following benefits

• Most Economical
• Fully Flexible (any screen size is supported)
• Fully Functioning (all mouse activities are supported)
• Applicable to any screen like Computer Screen ( LCD || LED || CRT ),  Laptop screen, any other Big Screen like Projector Screen, Wall, even any flat surface ( like Acrylic sheet, Paper)

In Sparsham, we have used following components

• Tiny hardware (Sparsham device, using single camera)
• Software (To generate mouse events when finger/stick touches the screen)


Inventors – Ramkrishan Vaishnav & Ram Dayal Vaishnav (vaishnav.rd[at]


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