Firefox App Development for beginners

It is really very exciting to develop apps on Firefox OS. Most interesting thing is that to develop apps for Firefox OS you just need knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc only.

Here I will brief how to make a simple app ..

  1. You can prefer to start by getting some code and studying that, instead starting from scratch. You can get an sample app from here.
  2. You will also need Firefox OS simulator, which is nothing but just an add-on to your firefox browser (get it from here).
  3. Now make changes into the index file, add your own html tags, javascript code etc.
  4. Now open your Firefox browser > Goto Tools > Web Developer > Firefox OS Simulator..
  5. Click on “Add directory” and browse you directory containing the App and click OK.
  6. Now you can see you App in the list of installed apps on your Simulator. You have successfully finished your first app 🙂

Kindly be in touch by visiting the blog again, I will put more posts regarding advanced development on Firefox OS.

Your feedback / queries are most welcome as comments below .. 🙂


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