Mozilla Workshop on Open Source & Hands-on-session on Firefox OS app development

mozilla's open source workshop in jaipur

mozilla’s open source workshop in jaipur

Do you know about open source??
Why people use open source??
How you can contribute to the open source world??
Do you want kick start with open source??
Join us to have a talk about open source. In our workshop organized by Mozilla Reps and volunteers we will talk about all these questions.

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Event Details

Date : 21 may 2013
Venue: S.S Subodh PG College, Rambagh Jaipur
Time: 10AM – 2PM

Phase I (Acknowledgement session)(2 hours)

In the first phase of the event there would be a seminar regarding the open source. Students would also be inferred about the free yet amazingly powerful open software and along with this there would be an Interactive training session about the functioning and development of the Firefox OS. The Students will also be motivated about the development for the open source modules.

Refreshment Break (1/2 Hour)

Phase 2 (Development Training Session)(2 hours)

Mozilla Firefox has recently launched its operating system for mobile phones. For the development of the same Mozilla Firefox is organizing workshops throughout the country in order to train and also recruit the developers. Our workshop is also going to have a hands-on-session on app development, fully based on HTML, Javascript & Open web APIs.
This would be a mini Hack-a-thon kind event where the participants are given the opportunity to develop Firefox Apps and submit to the Marketplace. The students will get an hands on session about the development opportunities in the open-source field of application development. The required tools(including simulator, IDE, tutorial etc) would be delivered on spot(you are supposed to bring laptops with you).

You will also learn various other tools like Bugzilla, Webmaker tools, Etherpad, etc. The Students will also be motivated about the development for the open source modules. All the ways to contribute in the open source world will be explored in the workshop.

* Goodies to be provided to all who interacts well :)


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